How to add website in webmaster tool?

After login into your google account.
Just click on following link and just click on the button Search Console to open a google webmaster tool.

After proceed with upper step you will see adding domain or website to google form.
You can add your website to google using 2 steps.
1. Using DNS verification
2. Using a url you can verify your domain by uploading a given file into your hosting account.
In my case i am already using a hosting so i am doing using step 2.
After entering your domain name in following format click on Continue. 

Now you have to verify your account ownership by just using the html file.
Click on file name to download this file in your local computer.

These are other methods if you choose Step#2 as mentioned above.
Just scroll down and you can also verify by using following methods.

After download this file in your local computer you have to upload it in your hosting account as i did.
Upload this file in root directory e.g. public_html. 

After file uploaded successfully just navigate to google verification page and click on Verify button.

After click verify you will see a confirmation window as green title showing Ownership Verified.
If you are getting some red error it means your account is not verified from google webmaster.  

You can now be able to Add sitemap of your website to google.
Just click on Sitemaps Menu.

You can add your sitemap by creating a sitemap.xml file in your public_html folder.
You can generate a new xml sitemap by using 
Then add generated code in your file "sitemap.xml"
Type file name e.g. sitemap.xml and click on Submit button. 

Remove Red Error Warning Page

You received a malware or unwanted software notification in the Security Issues report of the Search Console:

  1. Open the Security Issues report again in Search Console. The report may still show the warnings and sample infected URLs you saw before.
  2. Select Request a review.

    In order to submit a review, we ask that you provide more information on what you did to remove the policy violation from your site. For example, "I removed the 3rd-party code that was distributing malware on my website and replaced it with a more modern version of the code".

You did not receive a malware or unwanted software notification in the Security Issues report of the Search Console, but you received a notification in your AdWords account:

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